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So you want to plan an event.

Art by Desi can accommodate almost any size event. From a corporate event, to a small and intimate party in your home, public events and festivals, or individual appointments.

  • “Henna House Party” – $10 per person for the first design, pay per piece pricing for each piece after that. Recommended for groups of 6+ people. The “Henna House Party” is the ultimate home party. Each guest brings $10 for their first design, and pays per piece at standard festival pricing after that. The host or hostess receives their first piece free. If any attendees book a party during the event, the current host/hostess gets to attend and receive their first design for only $5. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact Art By Desi.

  • Small appointments, $100.00 per hour. Small appointments generally consist of 5 or less people receiving henna.

  • Large appointments, $125.00 per hour. Large appointments generally consist of 6 or more people receiving henna.

  • Additional glitter artists, $45.00 per hour, per artist.

  • Site Manager (recommended for larger events) $45.00 per hour.

  • Round-trip Travel, $25.00 per hour, each way, from Hartsville, SC. Add $10.00 per hour for each additional artist. This covers gas and prep-time for your appointment.

  • Art by Desi carries entertainers insurance. Certificate of Additional insured is available at no charge upon request.


Art by Desi currently only has one henna artist, but they can provide extra glitter artists for your event.

Site Managers

Site managers are a great benefit to your large party or event. The site manager will help the artist by answering questions, providing aftercare instructions, assisting with line control, and explaining the henna process.

When a site manager assists with events, the artist can focus on the person in their chair. Site managers’ assistance results in more designs completed per hour and they help maintain a pleasant atmosphere and fun experience for your guests.


Decorations help set a fun, or even an exotic mood! We can bring in a tent, tables, drapes, chairs, fun lights, and exotic music depending on your event needs. Let us help create a great experience and colorful henna area for your guests.

Corporate and School Events

Art by Desi gladly works with Corporate and Educational clients. We will work with you to find the best way to support you.

Would you like us to provide henna or glitter tattoos with your brand image or logo on guests? Not a problem! We can even create a custom set of designs to enhance your event. Just let us know what your needs are and we will arrange everything for your event. We aim to be an all inclusive service, all you need to provide is the venue space and the guests!

Fundraisers & Non-Profit Special Events

Fundraisers are booked at our hourly rates. We will then collect fees on your behalf from each customer we adorn, turning the cash over to your organization at the end of the event.

Please understand this is our business and how we support ourselves. We would love to help everyone interested in bringing henna and glitter to their event. We may suggest a fundraising or hourly option that best suits your needs and situation.


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