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Aftercare Information

You’ve gotten a design done… now what?

Aftercare is important to keep your art looking lovely for as long as possible. Fortunately, aftercare is relatively easy.

Glitter Aftercare

Glitter aftercare is the easiest – just leave it alone! The adhesive I use is waterproof and flexible. Just remember to be gentle with it.
Glitter designs last on average 1 – 5 days, but I’ve seen them last much longer with gentle care.

Henna Aftercare

Fresh paste/paste still on

Be gentle with the henna paste! It’s fragile and has a tendency to flake off. Move the hennaed area as little as possible and keep your body warm.

For the best possible stain, leave the paste on for as long as possible. I recommend 4 to 8 hours, or even overnight.

If your henna was sprayed with lemon sealant, let the paste flake off naturally. This will occur over the next several hours.

If your henna was wrapped or taped, keep it sealed for 4-8 hours, or even overnight.

You can slide a sock on over the tape to help hold it together and protect your bedding/clothes.

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